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Check Your TSS/482 Visa Eligibility

Check your 482 visa eligibility

Take our FREE self-assessment test to check your 482 visa eligibility

If you are planning on applying for the employer-sponsored TSS visa also known as the 482 visa, then it’s important you know if you meet all of the 482 visa requirements. There are over 500 different occupations that can be sponsored through this visa and each occupation has slightly different 482 visa requirements especially when it comes to English language proficiency, qualifications, and the number of years of work experience required.

That is why we created our Visa Jobs 482 visa eligibility test. It will only takes a few minutes to complete and based on the answers you provide, you will know straight away if you are currently eligible for the visa.

You will only be able to take our 482 visa eligibility test if you have registered as a Visa Jobs Free Member. Not a member yet? Sign up now in less than 30 secs.

Check your 482 Visa Eligibility

Need help understanding your result?

If you have taken our TSS/482 visa eligibility test and would like to discuss your result, get in contact with us.

Our friendly team can help explain the 482 visa requirements and answer any questions you might have. If this is the right visa for you, we can explain what to do next, and we may even be able to help find you an employer to sponsor you. 

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