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Skills Assessment

How to complete your Skills Assessment?

Completing an Australian Skills Assessment can almost be as complicated and expensive as your visa application. There are a number of additional requirements you must meet in order to pass so it’s important you get it right the first time. Get rid of the stress and hassle by letting us guide you through the entire process. Our Australian Skills Assessment partners will help you through every step, from gathering the correct documents to submitting your application.

Who needs to complete Skills Assessment

Who needs to complete a Skills Assessment?

Skills Assessments are sometimes required for Australian immigration to help prove you have the required skills, experience, qualifications and knowledge for the occupation you are applying to migrate through. However, Skills Assessments are not a mandatory requirement for all types of visas though.

Skills Assessments are generally only required for the following visas:

*Not all occupations through the TSS Visa require a Skills Assessment. Skills Assessments are only required for certain occupations and then only for applicants holding specific passports. You can view the full list of TSS Visa occupations and nationalities requiring a Skills Assessment here.

How to complete a Skills Assessment

Once you have determined if you are required to complete a Skills Assessment, you will need to find out which Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) is authorised to assess your occupation.

Each skills assessing authority will have specific criteria for you to meet in order to have a successful outcome. For most authorities you will initially be required to submit a number of specific documents to be assessed and then depending on the assessing authority may need to complete an additional interview, practical assessments or test.

For most visas you will need to have completed the Skills Assessment before the time of visa lodgement. With General Skilled Visas it is advised to have completed the assessment before submitting your EOI. Skills Assessments can either be completed onshore in Australia or offshore, but again check the requirements and locations for assessments as outlined by each skills assessing authority.

How to complete Skills Assessment

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you

For most people completing an Australian Skills Assessment can be as complicated as lodging their visa application. If you don’t understand how to complete a Skills Assessment, or the requirements you need to meet, let Visa Jobs help you.

How we will help

Our experienced Skills Assessment partners will explain and guide you all the way through the process from start to finish. They can help you:

Applying and completing an Australian Skills Assessment can be very time consuming and stressful. If you would rather complete the assessment without all the added hassle then let us help you. Contact Visa Jobs today and we can start off by explaining more and then connect you with our Skills Assessment partners if required.

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If you want to know more about the Australian Skills Assessment or have any questions, please contact us today. Complete this enquiry form and one of our experienced team members will get in contact with you.

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